Sailing Story - SV Whimoway Restoration Completed

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    SV Whimoway - Boat Restoration

Darwin Nt Australia
    Whimoway was purchased in Darwin for the sole purpose of taking us on a 10 year working holiday. She underwent a massive Boat Restoration and has looked after us ever since.

    She is a 46 ft ferro-cement ketch built in 1974 in Darwin, NT, Australia and has had several owners, and several adventures that we were to hear about in the 10 months we worked on her in the yard of the Dinah Beach CYA.

She had also previously undergone several repairs, and ill-repairs that we were soon to discover!
We initially envisaged the time to be spent mainly fitting her out inside with beautiful Tasmanian timber that we had brought from home but, alas, we are still trying to find the time for that.

Our time in Dinah Beach CYA was spent doing massive reconstruction of the concrete hull and decks, new refrigeration, rewiring of both motor and interior, repainting of course, and then temporary bits inside for the galley, sleeping and chart areas.

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    Mike is a Shipwright which, along with help from countless friends we made in our time there, is the only reason we were able to return her to her former glory under the minimal budget we had allowed.

    Unless you have a huge amount of determination and a fair amount of knowledge about what you are doing, Boat Restoration like this will break both the spirit and the bank balance of those unprepared. Ferro-cement is a great medium for boat construction and is highly under-rated!

    Dinah Beach CYA also played a part as places such as this are becoming rare even in Australia, therefore rendering the average person unable to afford a wonderful sailing lifestyle such as ours.

    Once the long awaited day arrived when Whimoway returned to the water, we headed to Gove, NT in Arhnem Land, Australia. This trip was designed as both a shake down run and to earn money for our cruising kitty.

Map Of Darwin - Northern Territory, Australia